De grappigste piemel ooit

De grappigste piemel ooit

You know I’m a sucker for a soft dick”, zegt Melanie Griffith in The Bonfire of the Vanities. Na het bekijken van de fotoreeks Things my dick does op Tumblr moeten we de actrice gelijk geven. Little Dude (LD) is de leukste piemel die we in jaren gezien hebben. Of hij nu taarten bakt, een bad neemt of te diep in het glaasje kijkt, hij is altijd even vrolijk en lief. De eigenaar wil anoniem blijven, maar beantwoordde wel met plezier enkele vraagjes terwijl hij net uit bed rolde in San Francisco – het tijdverschil, weet je wel. Of hoe sommige dick pics er wel mogen zijn. Klik hier als je boven de achttien jaar bent.

“He was a little sceptical at first. But then he warmed up to the idea of having a cuddle buddy. These two are so cute together! Dawwww”

“Sometimes he freaks out when taking a bath. I’m not gonna let you drown little dude! Relax!”

“The Little Dude absolutely loves the suds in the shower! He prefers original Dove bar soap best. Keeps him nice and soft. Until he wants to get hard.”

“A fan of the Little Dudes has gone off to culinary school and was feeling kinda down since it’s a new life path and what not. He decided he wanted to do something to help her feel more at ease about the road she’s currently on. What better way to help someone celebrate than with a face cake!! Good thinking little dude! You always have the best ideas!”


“I keep telling him too much whiskey isn’t always a good thing. No pussy for you tonight you limp little dude. #whiskeydick”


“I squish your head! Literally! Don’t worry, guys, I’m not hurting the little dude. It’s kind of how when you see a momma cat pick up her young by the neck. Looks violent but it’s totally chill.”


“A little nappy after playing with his body suit.”


“When he asked me why I don’t let him out more during the day I told him it’s because it’s too sunny and it might hurt his delicate skin. This was his response, hahaha! Little wise guy.”


“Can I go out and…” He wants to know if YOU know the rest of that line. Happy spooky season guys! The little dude can’t wait to show off the rest of his costume ideas!”

How did you come up with this idea?

Owner of Little Dude: “Honestly, I have always been taking pictures of my dick, mainly because of how photogenic I have been told it is. But it was only in August that I decided to draw a face on him. I was seeing a girl, and one day she sent me a really beautiful nudie pick. She was lying down on this amazing bed, with a very soft white duvet and tons of white fluffy pillows. The lighting was perfect. So in reply, as I’m taking shots of mainly just my whole body, I noticed my dick on this pillow and I imagined him just as cozy as she was, when she sent me her picture: on a beautiful cloud like bed. So I put a sheet over him and brought the camera in close. I sent that to her and she laughed. Then I drew the face, sent that, and she laughed some more. Then the arms came, then the accessories, and the Little Dude was born.”LD-bedLD-bed-1-2

When did you start the blog?
“Well, unfortunately this girl wasn’t really that much into the rest of the pictures, or not as much as I would have hoped. That’s why I started the blog thingsmydickdoes. I figured someone else would appreciate what I was doing.”

Sending dick pics, is that something normal in your part of the world these days?
“I hear its the new thing. Although, I think guys do it way too often and most of the time they are unwanted.”

Guys. If you ARE going to send a dickpic at least make it look nice.

Was it the first time that you sent one, with this girl?
“I’m not going to lie and say I have never sent dick pics before. I have. BUT. It’s always asked for. There are some rules guys should definitely follow when sending dick pics. I would never just send one out of the blue. Also, guys. If you ARE going to send one at least make it look nice. Some good lighting and clever angles go a long way. Just saying. I like to make them look nice because of my photography background. I should probably teach a class.”

How old are you?
“Old enough to know better! Sorry… I love that answer. I’ve used it a few times when people have asked on Tumblr. I’m 34.”

How many times has your thingsmydickdoes been shared?
“I’m up to about 67,000 followers. Not sure exactly about the number of shares.”

How would you feel if you weren’t anonymous anymore?
“I get anxiety just thinking about that! I don’t think it would be ideal for me at the moment. I mean… Unless it meant I didn’t have to work anymore. Then sure, what the hell. But I have things going on in my life that probably wouldn’t work out if these two lives intersected.”

People are conflicted with their emotions when checking out the blog. They are weirded out and aroused at the same time.

What has been the funniest reaction you’ve gotten so far?
“People keep telling me they are conflicted with their emotions when checking out the blog. They are weirded out and aroused at the same time. I searched my hashtag on Instagram and this lady recorded her and her coworker checking out my work. The one coworker had no idea what she was in for so it was a riot watching her laugh.”

Do you have a girlfriend and if not, will you marry us?
“Ha-ha, there is someone in my life. However I haven’t revealed this secret side of me yet. I don’t know how she’ll take it! If it’s bad, then absolutely. Let’s get hitched!”


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